Website Maintenance

Websites are living entities. To stay active and thrive, they (like all living things) need maintenance. Let’s keep your site updated and secure so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Website Maintenance Services

WordPress updates. WordPress developers make updates frequently to keep WordPress sites secure. I can make sure your site is using the most up-to-date software. By having the newest software, your site remains secure and you can take advantage of newly developed features and technologies.

Site backups. Site recovery. Bad things happen whether we are ready for them or not. Be proactive and back up your site so your hard work is safe and sound. Planning ahead saves you time and energy should your site be hacked or should the server fail.

Uptime monitoring. Uptime is the time that your site is accessible to visitors. Although downtime is good for humans, it is not good for websites. Downtime means missed opportunities. I can keep a close eye on your website’s uptime. As soon as it goes down, you will be notified.

Malware removal. No viruses or bugs wanted here! Keep your site squeaky clean with a scan of your site and the removal of any malware that may be detected.

Tech support. Have a question? Feel free to ask. I am here to help.